General introduction

East Asia Aluminum Company Limited is located in Tan Dan Industrial Cluster, Chi Linh City, Hai Duong Province. It is a modern, large-scale factory for the production of aluminum profiles in Vietnam. In February 2022, East Asia Aluminum Co., Ltd officially started the construction of the second phase of its factory expansion project with a total expansion area of 41,247m2, bringing increasing the total factory area to 100,000m2, and the total investment capital of 38 million USD.

With modern machinery, assembly lines, and automated production processes, EAA is confident that it can supply a large number of products with the highest quality to customers quickly. It is expected that after the second project comes into operation, the output of the whole factory will reach more than 150,000 tons per year, double the current output level.

Up to now, East Asia Aluminum's products have not only won the trust of domestic customers with more than 100 distribution agents nationwide but are also popular in major markets in the world such as the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, etc

The executive board emphasized the business principle of the company: "People are the fundamental factor, never stops innovating, creating and always operates professionally, with a good reputation, aiming to satisfy customers with the best products and services."

After more than 13 years of establishment and development, East Asia Aluminum Co., Ltd has been one of Vietnam's largest aluminum profile manufacturers.


East Asia Aluminum Co., Ltd. aims to be the leading aluminum extrusion facility in Vietnam in terms of product variety, quality, service, and price.


Our crew and staff are fundamental to growth and success. Quality is the pyramid goal through continuous improvement, customer focus, and practical efficiency.


East Asia Aluminum Co., Ltd is committed to customer satisfaction with the best products and services.


We commit to providing customers with a diverse range of products and services. We strive to offer the highest quality extrusions with competitive pricing.


With our customers, we always try to understand and meet all customers' needs from the most minor details. At East Asia Aluminum, customers can obtain their complex extrusion, finishing, and fabrication needs and experience professional, courteous, and effective Customer service.

With our customers, we always try to understand and meet all customers' needs from the smallest request. At East Asia Aluminum, customers not only can get their problems solved but also can experience the most professional, courteous, and effective customer service.

In particular, we focus on continuous training and development of each employee's expertise and skills. With unique training methods, we have been and will create a team of human resources who are not only good at expertise but also full of enthusiasm, creativity, and a high sense of responsibility for the job, thereby bringing the best service quality.


June 2009

+ The company officially went into operation after 2 years of construction and officially cut the ribbon inaugurated in 12/2009

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In the early days of establishment, the company lacked facilities and human resources
+ The output will reach 2050 tons

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The company was stable and gradually developing.
+ Expanding the market to many  countries such as Australia, USA, Canada, Germany ...
+ Customers and orders increased significantly 
+ The output reached 16000 tons



Celebrating 10 years of operation
+ Maintain a solid cooperative relationship with partners and large corporations.
+ Plan a long-term development strategy and affirm the position East Asia Aluminum brand in the mind of customers.
+ The output reached 35,500 tons



+ In September 2020, East Asia Aluminum Co., Ltd. was approved by the People's Committee of Hai Duong province to expand the factory and increase investment capital.
+ Preparing for a transformation and bringing the brand East Asia Aluminum to a world-class level
+ Production has reached 51,800 tons.



Remarkable Development
+ Expanding 40,000 square meters of factory area.
+ Production was expected to increase steadily after completing the project of 6,000 tons per month.  



The factory
has a large scale

100.000 m2

Total output
per year

60.000 tons

throughout the country

100 agencies


10 countries
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