Aluminum and glass doors and the advantages you do not know!

You may not know, many of the aluminum and glass products you are using belong to the aluminum and glass hydraulic doors. This aluminum door line uses hydraulic hinges that can automatically close like normal glass doors. So what makes the hydraulic aluminum glass doors different, let's find out in this article with East Asia Aluminum! 

The structure of the hydraulic system aluminum door

Similar to normal aluminum doors, hydraulic aluminum doors and windows are made up of the following parts: aluminum frame, glass, accessories and accessories. 

- Aluminum frame: Made from Xingfa aluminum system using hydraulic wing, hollow cavity structure with aluminum thickness of 2.0 mm - 2.8 mm, ensuring the load of the door, creating stable movement. With aluminum frames in these systems, the wing widths are usually chosen to be 120mm and 180mm. The surface ensures high aesthetics, high-grade aluminum alloy helps the door have high impact resistance, anti-warping impact, shrinkage.

- Glass: Must ensure a minimum thickness of 10mm to withstand good enough during operation. Currently, glasses have many different decorative designs such as bronze patterns, 3D motifs, ... to increase the unique aesthetics of the door set.

Tempered glass aluminum doors in public works (Source: Internet)

- Accessory kit: including upper wing clamp, handle, floor hinge, floor lock and steel lane fittings to connect the wing frame to the floor hinge. Normally, the kit will be synchronized with the aluminum door to achieve maximum efficiency during use.

- Secondary materials: including some parts such as screws, silicone glue, ...

2D hinge - common accessory of aluminum door (Source: Internet)

Advantages of hydraulic aluminum doors

Hydraulic aluminum doors using hydraulic hinges possess many outstanding advantages in function, overcoming the weaknesses of tempered glass at the angle of the wings covered by aluminum frames. So users are completely assured when choosing this door because its impact resistance is said to be much higher than conventional hydraulic glass.

Modern swing open door model (Source: Internet)

If you choose high-end products from reputable brands such as East Asia Aluminum, Xingfa, Viet Phap, PMA, ... hydraulic aluminum doors with high rigidity, wind pressure up to 1600 Pascal Absolutely safe for works in the area where there are many storms and storms, the bearing capacity is equivalent to wind level 12. This feature is completely suitable for the tropical monsoon climate, often subject to many natural disasters such as Vietnam.

Hydraulic aluminum doors also include window products (Source: Internet)

In addition, today's hydraulic aluminum doors have many new designs to suit the growing aesthetic needs of the majority of consumers. High-grade aluminum and glass doors are equally developed in terms of quality and design. The doors, open swing doors, swinging windows, ... are now dressed in modern faces that will make many customers surprised when they learn.

East Asia Aluminum Door Hydraulic System

East Asia Aluminum is a reputable domestic brand with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying raw materials for many large projects in the North - Central - South regions. The company's hydraulic products include a wide range of product systems: sliding doors, rotating open windows, knock-on windows, rotating doors, sliding doors, ...

If you want to have such beautiful products, please contact East Asia Aluminum (Source: Internet)

All products are manufactured on modern machinery imported from abroad according to EU Qualicoat quality standards. In addition to the quality of aluminum, high quality powder coating is also a criterion that users appreciate in East Asia Aluminum products. Silver surface of the product creates high aesthetics and color fastness to environmental impacts. The attached glass is usually laminated safety glass, box glass, tempered glass ... for high safety, when broken does not cause damage to the user, 5 times safer than normal glass.

So with the advantages of the hydraulic aluminum doors listed above, East Asia Aluminum hopes that you have more confidence when deciding to choose this product for use in the home space. If in doubt, don't hesitate to leave a comment below! East Asia Aluminum is always ready to answer and support enthusiastically in the shortest time!

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