Installation of aluminum bedroom doors, aluminum doors in the living room definitely do not miss these!

With the advantage of being cheap and durable after many years of use, aluminum and aluminum products are now more and more popular in modern life. In particular,  aluminum doors bedroomaluminum door living room , ... is the concern of many homeowners are in the process of completing the final steps of the house. If you also have similar needs, definitely do not ignore the good tips in this article!

Aluminum living room door

The living room is the face of the house, the place that best shows the homeowner's demeanor when welcoming family members, friends, colleagues, ... It is no exaggeration to say that the spacious and airy living room represents the generosity and generosity of the homeowner when welcoming guests to the house. Therefore, East Asia Aluminum suggests using aluminum and glass doors to create a space and sweeping view of the room. If the surrounding space is a landscape garden area, rockery, ... this design is especially suitable for bringing a feeling of closeness to nature and absolute spiritual relaxation.

Living room aluminum and glass doors often have a large area and a large transparent glass surface (Source: Internet)

In addition, aluminum and glass doors in the living room should have high transparency to catch sunlight and natural light. To ensure this factor, should minimize the use of aluminum and increase the area of ​​using transparent tempered glass.

Sample of beautiful aluminum and glass doors in living room (Source: Internet)

As a place separating the house from the outside space, the aluminum door of the living room must also be able to resist noise, dust, and heat well. High-end aluminum products on the market such as PMI, Metra, Sumito, East Asia Aluminum, ... can fully ensure the above factors at reasonable prices. 

Sliding living room glass aluminum doors (Source: Internet)

Aluminum bedroom door

Bedroom space is also an area with more and more aluminum and glass doors. Unlike the living room, the bedroom is a more sensitive area, so you should calculate the installation in locations that ensure the architecture and feng-shui of the room. 

Although the privacy is higher than the living room, the bedroom should still be an area where aluminum and glass doors need to be installed to receive natural light from the outside. To increase the aesthetics, the area of ​​the glass can be reduced, instead the aluminum is designed a little more sophisticated. You might also consider installing curtains to control the intensity of the light entering the room.

Sample bedroom glass doors looking out modern (Source: Internet)

The high-grade aluminum door for the bedroom can be an aluminum door that opens, swivels or slides, depending on the owner's preference. The product chosen must be able to withstand the difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the room. The installed tempered glass and aluminum bar ensure no warping or cracking when used, and the rubber gasket system must ensure smooth and easy opening and closing.

Harmony with nature is the trend to use aluminum and glass doors in large buildings (Source: Internet)

Aluminum bathroom door

Every place in the room prioritizes its own elements of aluminum. For the bathroom, due to the constant humidity, high-grade aluminum and glass doors with electrostatic spraying are the first choice. Do not forget, in order to fully meet the privacy, prefer the aluminum glass panel with a thickness of about 6mm or more, milky white color, minimizing the ability to see through.

Aluminum bathroom doors now have many modern and eye-catching designs (Source: Internet)

If you choose the right high-end products from reputable manufacturers, the bathroom aluminum door products can be used for a long time, on average from 5-7 years but still as durable and beautiful as new, good waterproof, not warped or deformed over time. 

Sample of aluminum and glass toilet doors in public areas (Source: Internet)

During the past 10 years, East Asia Aluminum is a manufacturer and supplier of aluminum and aluminum products for many private and public projects. If you are looking for a reputable name to "choose the gold side" when choosing to buy aluminum bedroom doors, aluminum living room doors, ... don't hesitate to leave a message below. Enthusiastic team of consultants are always ready to advise you on the budget, design, design of the most suitable and effective product.

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