Tips for choosing shaped aluminum doors suitable for the home space

Besides materials such as plastic, wood, ... aluminum is still the preferred choice in many Vietnamese homes. With its toughness, good heat resistance, profiled aluminum doors are the product with the highest popularity. If you are also in need of using this product, please follow the article below of East Asia Aluminum for tips on choosing the profile aluminum door suitable for your home!

What is profiled aluminum door?

Shaped aluminum door is a product system including: glass box, double gasket system, accessory system, multi-dimensional lock. Glass doors used are also extremely diverse: tempered glass, safety glass, heat-resistant glass with inert gas pump. The accessory system includes: hinges, dedicated lock for multi-dimensional opening and closing, 3D adjustment to help the door with high tightness. One of the most important parts that make up the door is the profile (including the door mold, door frame and door frame). Materials can be used further: PVC, steel core, wood.

Uses shaped aluminum doors

Light absorption

Shaped aluminum doors with transparent glass will allow light to pass through and bring airy and bright spaces. This not only improves physical - mental health, but for many people, the role of feng shui to absorb fortune into the house.

Shaped aluminum and glass doors absorb light for the room (Source: Internet)

Protect the house from dust and sound

The door is like a shield separating the house from outside dust and noise. Currently, many high-end aluminum products often use iron bars between two layers of doors, high-grade glass boxes that withstand impact and pressure well. Therefore, if in a crowded urban area, soundproof and noise-proof doors are a great solution.

Increased safety for the house

If you use a good tempered glass aluminum door with the bearing capacity of 4-5 times more than normal glass, your door is very hard to be broken. In case the glass is broken, the safety glass with laminated film will keep the debris firmly in the door frame and not fall out, so the possibility of a break-in is very difficult.

Modern aluminum doors with safety zippers (Source: Internet)

Avoid rain, waterproof

The door was splashed by rain and water leak into the house has not been a concern of men since many aluminum profiles were born. With rubber gaskets to create a high tightness, many high-grade aluminum and glass doors can perfectly protect the house from the worst weather such as wind, storm, ... Along with multi-point latch, people The user can adjust the angle of the door in many different ways.

Tips for choosing the right profile aluminum door

Profiled aluminum doors are now designed with many different functions and uses. Combined with your needs, you should rely on the two factors above to refer to the following aluminum door products:

Aluminum doors open and rotate

Aluminum swing opening door is a type of door that can be opened to 45 degrees or 90 degrees, used in many low-rise projects, homes. Open-turn aluminum products of big brands such as East Asia Aluminum, PMA, .. are equipped with multi-point locking system, anti-drought bar to prevent impact. Selecting this design for windows, the product will have the ability to absorb the air, avoid heavy rain.

Aluminum doors open and rotate (Source: Internet)

Aluminum doors slide open

Aluminum sliding door with horizontal movement is the salvation for many narrow spaces that need to save space and diverse direction of movement. Currently, you can choose the aluminum system 93, PTC system, 1088 system, mosquito net 898, ... depending on the needs of your family. 

One advantage of this aluminum sliding door can not be ignored is its high safety, avoiding the risk of wind, sharp objects and impacts.

Suitable for all architectural projects, especially houses or buildings, high-rise apartment offices and with views of the city, garden, river, and sea.

Aluminum sliding doors (Source: Internet)

Aluminum door flung

Aluminum windows can be both windows and doors, suitable for all architectural projects such as villas, high-rise buildings, offices. Users can freely open the door to get the light and wind as they like without being splashed into the house by rain. Doors are also regularly arranged in places with high and airy space.

Aluminum doors open open (Source: Internet)

Hopefully after this article, you have more suggestions to choose for yourself the upcoming profile aluminum doors for your dear home. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to leave a comment so that the East Asia Aluminum team can advise you quickly and accurately!

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