Top 5 most common types of aluminum on the market today

In 2018, the aluminum market witnessed a sudden increase in prices with a frequency of 4 times in the second quarter alone. In 2019, the domestic aluminum market was also extremely active when there was a lot of investment in product development. products and customer service. This confirms the trend to use aluminum doors that will continue to evolve to meet the different levels of demand for modern consumers.

On that point of view, this article will provide information about the most popular types of aluminum doors today, helping readers briefly understand the advantages and disadvantages to make wise buying decisions.

1. Engineered aluminum door

It is called a fabricated aluminum door because this is an area created by using aluminum bars in rectangular or square boxes combined. The beautiful durability will not be as high as the aluminum product, so people often use aluminum doors for doors, metal wall windows, ... in general, the positions are not important, no. require high safety and aesthetics.

Sample aluminum doors (Source: Internet)

2. Aluminum door system 50

Aluminum 50 system is a common aluminum system among the types of aluminum on the market, often used to make doors, sliding windows (sliding). Previously, this type of aluminum used to be used for both project and home construction, but due to its thin and thin aluminum bar structure, now the aluminum with high durability is gradually replacing aluminum. this.

Design of common aluminum doors (Source: Internet)

3. Aluminum door system A38

A38 aluminum with a fragile frame and flange is often used to make open windows, flap windows with flaps and frames with gussets and rails. Like the A50, A38 is a common aluminum system, so it can only be used in unimportant places or on low floors.

(Source: Internet)

4. 700 aluminum door system

Overcoming the characteristics of conventional aluminum systems, aluminum doors of the 700 system have the sturdy characteristic of shaped aluminum material. Heat resistance, oxidation resistance, ... are one level higher, so 700 aluminum is used for partitions, doors, windows, ... This is also an aluminum system with a full range of bars. Aluminum profiles to make aluminum doors with the lowest cost today.

Because it meets the dual standards of many consumers thanks to its durability and still in an extremely reasonable price range, this aluminum is being produced and distributed by many different names in the market. of which is East Asia Aluminum. This 10-year company in the Vietnamese aluminum market has provided 700 aluminum doors in particular and aluminum products in general for many public and private sector projects such as: GreenBay Village, urban projects. Hanoi Railway Market, Cat Linh - Ha Dong Route, Noi Bai Airport Function Area, Starlight Garment Factory, Starlight Industrial Park (Chuong My), ... If there is a need to use 700 aluminum, this is is a reputable reference suggestion!

Aluminum swing door model made of 700 aluminum system (Source: Internet)

5. Aluminum door system 1000

The shape is similar to the 700 aluminum door, but the 1000 aluminum door has a larger aluminum bar and has a variety of sturdy enclosures. 

Sample 1000 aluminum doors in life (Source: Internet)

6. AG aluminum doors

AG aluminum doors are the aluminum system of Zhongkai Corporation (China) with the entire door body, fixed walls made of high-grade aluminum profiles. Although it is a cheap aluminum door, this aluminum door has a dual rubber system and has a high aesthetic with an average thickness of up to 1.4ly.

Commonly used aluminum doors of AG system (Source: Internet)

7. Aluminum door insulation system

The key list of the most popular aluminum types on the market is insulated bridge aluminum doors - high-grade aluminum products with aluminum profile bars designed inside the empty compartment with insulation layers, minimizing the heat transfer of aluminum. Because of such special advantages, this product has a quite high price, often prioritized for use in large hotels and restaurants.

Structure of the bridge-insulated aluminum model (Source: Internet)

Hopefully, with the information about 7 common types of aluminum as above, you have the basis to identify and choose the suitable aluminum type for the nearest use. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact East Asia Aluminum's enthusiastic consultant team for immediate answers!

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